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    Screening Guidelines

    General Health Screening Guidelines for all adults beginning at age 18 years of age.  Taken from the U.S. National Library of Medicine NIH (National Institute of Health).

    All adults should visit their health care provider from time to time, even if they are healthy.

    The purpose of these visits are to:

    • Screen for diseases
    • Assess risk of future medical problems
    • Help develop a healthy lifestyle
    • Update vaccinations
    • Maintain a relationship with your doctor in case of illness


    Even if you feel fine, it is still important to see your health care provider regularly to check for potential problems.  Most people who have high blood pressure don’t even know it.  The only way to find out is to have your blood pressure checked regularly.  Likewise, high blood sugar and cholesterol levels often do not produce any symptoms until the disease becomes advanced.

    Here are a few of the most common screenings we perform:

    • Mammogram screening
    • Colonoscopy screening
    • Visual screening
    • Women’s Health screening
    • Well Visit Exam
    • Pre-Employment Health screening
    • Pre-operation exam

    There are specific times when you should see your health care provider.  Gender and age specific are as follows:

    Blood pressure screening

    • Have your blood pressure checked every 2 years unless it is considered in the normal range of 120 – 139 (top number or systolic number) 80-89 (bottom number or diastolic number).  Then have it checked every year.
    • If the top number is greater than 130 or the bottom number is greater than 85, call your doctor
    • If you have diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, or certain other conditions, you may need to be monitored more closely.

    Cholesterol screening and heart disease prevention

    • Between ages 20 – 45, you should be screened if you have a higher risk for heart disease.
    • After the age of 45, and are not in a high risk category, you should be screened every 3-5 years.

    VERY IMPORTANT:  If you have risk factors for heart disease, such as diabetes start getting screened earlier at age 20. If you have diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, or certain other conditions, you may need to be monitored more closely. Diabetes Screening care provider will test your blood sugar levels for diabetes.


  • We perform exams to find out the best course of treatment.

  • No illness to small, all of our patients well being comes first.

  • Staying healthy is a primary goal for all of our patients.

  • General Health Screening Guidelines for all adults.